Calligraphy Dictionary Repair

中國書法大字典 (Chinese Calligraphy Dictionary), 1983. Edited by 林宏元 (Lin Hong Yuan).

The joints were broken on this flatback cloth binding, with the front board completely detached. Both endpapers were peeling off around the edges but the text block was in excellent condition. The client wanted it to be repaired enough for regular usage while staying true to its original appearance.

The original turn-ins on the cover boards were lifted. The boards were laminated with 20pt board, with extended muslin lining inserted between like a split board binding. A new spine piece was made with muslin and Golden Fluid acrylics, lined with 10pt board, then inserted into the boards. The original spine was reattached with PVA.

Since there was important text on the endpapers, they were lifted off carefully, then made onto handmade paper (Griffen Mill) and reinforced with cloth hinges. New endpapers and loose signatures sewn on after spine was cleaned. Spine lining of tissue release layer (Sekishu Thin), new headbands, muslin and hollow tube (Dove’s Gray).